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LomoNavojo Art: Magic Show

LomoNavojo Art: Magic Show

As usual, it's pretty self-explanatory. LomoNavojo's got a new image uploaded and here it is! Enjoy!

Internet Find: In Front of Girlfriend's Sister and Mom

In Front of Girlfriend's Sister and Mom

Now, I must say, this is terribly unbelievable. If you accept this story as a mere fantasy, it's fun, but it could have been thought out much better. The grammar is also atrocious and though I did what I could to make it easier to read, it still shows a bit. Anyway, enjoy this one! It's not the best internet find, but the ending makes it worth it.

Probably one of the most embarrassing feelings but it was great. Again, for my readers this was on purpose. My girlfriend’s family and I went to a water park called Hershey Park. We were all having a good time until she noticed I was checking out her sister a good bit, she is a year younger than us. She said if I kept doing it she will get upset. I thought whatever and kept looking. Then later on, her sister goes down one slide and get suuuuuper wedgied and it was great, her whole ass was out. I was locked on. Then my girlfriend said it was my turn. Were all standing at the top and just when I was gonna go she said, “Wait, wait, go backwards, that’d be funny.” Weird suggestion, I thought, but why not so I start to go an she grabs my trunks and they slide riiight off my body giving the best view all the way down the slide. Only thing was there was not much of a view - a water park all day will do this to you. Her mom and sister were cracking up, they all thought it was in good fun. Her mom said, “Oh little Ryan, that was quite a show.” Her sister just kept looking down at it. Then she finally gave me back my shorts and I acted like I was reallly embarrassed. The whole way home they were making liiiittle jokes back and forth, I loooved it. I blew a load in my trunks right there. It’s always successful when I’m naked at a water park. Oh my god, and when we got home, I overheard her mom tell her dad. He asked (shockingly) if everyone saw my penis. Her mom said yeah but it was not much to see. “He was pretty small, maybe it was the water but it seemed very small.”

Internet Find: Pantsed Completely In Front of Girls

Pantsed Completely In Front of Girls

I literally just found this on Experience Project and I must say, I love it. It's the kind of story you read and think, "Well there's basically no way in hell that's real, but hey, it's a nice thought!" I hope you enjoy it!

When I was nine I was at home with my older stepbrother and my mom was videotaping us. My stepbrother saw a group of young girls from my school walking by our house, so he picked me up and pulled my pants and undies down and knocked on the window so all the girls could see my bare butt. The window was slightly open so I could hear the girls laughing, whistling and making comments like "cute butt" and my stepbrother held my arms so I couldn't cover. Just as I thought it couldn't get more embarrassing, one of the girls shouted "turn him around" so he did and my face turned red as a beet watching the girls laugh and point at my little penis jumping up and down as i was kicking my legs trying to escape. The girls never had so much fun in their whole lives and my mom showed the video to every girl who visited our house after that day. 

Two years later when a girl i had a crush on came by my mom showed her the video while i was in the kitchen and she asked my mom if my penis was still so small, so my mom said "only one way to find out", so as I was walking towards my crush with a tray of drinks, my mom pulled everything down showing her that my you know what was still small which of course my crush thought was hilarious... As I put the tray down and tried to cover my mom started tickling me to make me move arms, then she pulled my shirt over my head and tied it so I was helpless and completely exposed. My crush decided to take advantage of my situation so she pinched and squeezed my bare butt cheeks and tickled me everywhere.

Urinal Murals

Urinals Murals

I'm sure this isn't anything totally new to fans of SPH out there, but there is such a thing as urinal murals that feature women mocking the size of men's penises. Of course, there are some meant to compliment men on their presumably large penises, but obviously I take much more of an interest in the ones assuming that the man's penis is small. So I rounded up as many images as I could of these urinal murals and here they are! Enjoy! (There are a few that may have more of an implication that the women are impressed by the penis size, but most of these can at least be interpreted otherwise)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Internet Find: Total Humiliation

Total Humiliation

This is a true story that happened when I was 12...I was a real bully when I was a kid, I picked on guys and I harassed girls. In retrospect I know what a messed up kid I was, but back then I really didn't care. I just treated everyone around me like shit. Then one summer I found out the hard way that bullying is bad. 

I was out at this lake with a few of my friends, along with a bunch of other kids from school. Well there was this girl out there that I really used to tease pretty bad. She was kinda chubby, a year younger than us, and she was really awkward socially. My friends and I always gave her a really hard time. That day one of my friends dared me to pull that girl's bathing suit top off. I thought it would be hilarious so I went up behind her, and when she wasn't paying attention I pulled her top over her head and off of her completely. Me and my friends were just laughing as she started crying, got out of the water and ran off. But about 10 minutes later she came back, still upset, but now she was wearing a shirt and she had her older brother and sister with her. I don't know how old they were exactly, the brother was probably college aged and the sister was in high school, I think. Anyway, she pointed at me and her brother told me to get out of the water...I was still trying to look cool and I told him to make me. He did. He jumped into the water, swam over, and pulled me back to shore. He and the older sister took turns screaming at me, calling me a pervert, telling me to apologize, stuff like that. Pretty soon the brother pushed me, and again I wanted to look tough, so I swung at him. I missed and he just grabbed me by the arms. The older sister took the opportunity to really get even...By pulling my trunks down right there. 

Now is probably the time to mention, I have a really small dick. I'm 22 now, I assume it's as big as it's gonna get, and when it's fully hard it's barely over 4 inches. When I was 12 it was even worse than that...See I'd hit an early growth spurt and I played a lot of sports, so I was easily the biggest/tallest guy in our grade, but between the legs I still came up very short. I was completely hairless, my balls were small and barely descended, and frankly it didn't even look like I had a dick. I basically had a stubby, pink little head with no visible shaft. It looked like a second belly button where my penis should have been. Looking back on it now, that was probably a big part of why I was such a punk back then. 

Anyway, yeah, she went and yanked my trunks down and off of my body, leaving me totally naked and exposing my undeveloped package to everyone there. My friends, guys from school, girls from school, and everybody else. They all got a good look at just how little I had. The little kids were just laughing because I was naked, but everyone else was laughing for a very obvious reason. I can still vividly remember a lot of it. I remember girls laughing and making the finger/thumb sign or waving their pinkies at me, I remember my friends making all kinds of jokes, and I especially remember the older sister telling the girl I used to tease to get a good look at my wiener because she probably wouldn't get to see one that small again. After a couple minutes of laughter and dick jokes, the older siblings carried me to the end of a dock and tossed me in the water. They took their sister--and my shorts--and left. I ran out of the water, grabbed my shirt off a bench, threw it on and just took off on my bike. I pedaled all the way home naked from the waist down, everything on display for anyone who could see. When I got back home I was in such a rush that I just ran into the house without even thinking to cover myself up with anything, and since my mom, my big brother, and my little sister were home, they all got a look at my junk when I ran through the kitchen to get to the stairs. 

I went from bully to victim really quick when word spread around school about my shortcomings. My friends would always try to prank me by pulling my pants down in front of girls and girls would giggle or make jokes when I walked by. And it never really stopped either...I mean it definitely lightened up a lot, but even 5 years later when I was a senior in high school people would still make small penis jokes whenever the opportunity came up. Hell even today I still haven't completely lived it down. 

Oh, and that girl wound up getting the last laugh...See by sophomore year in high school she'd lost weight and wound up turning into a total hottie. I thought maybe she'd forgotten what a prick I used to be...I tried to get her to go out with me, and she flat out rejected me, telling a group of her girlfriends that I had a small cock in the process.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Small Penis Memes

Small Penis Memes

I certainly don't need to tell anyone out there that memes have become bizarrely popular in the wave of Tumblr craze society has experienced. Naturally, of course, more and more memes have been popping up and some of those include jokes about small penises. I've rounded up a few of them and even though they might not be all that great, they're better than nothing. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Original Story: Water World

Water World

It was in the midst of a public congregation when I got my trunks yanked down. My girlfriend had done, out of jealousy mostly. I mean, it’s Water World. It’s only natural to at least glance at some of the girls wearing next to nothing. I don’t see anything wrong with just taking a few seconds to look at a girl in a small bikini. It’s not like I’m going to do anything, I’m just getting a peak. Plus, I love my girlfriend too much to even begin to think about the mere notion of cheating on her in the slightest. Jamie, however, disagreed with my logic.

We had had a fun day for a while. We went on rides together, we kissed in the wave pool, we held hands in the lazy river, but then I ruined it. I do that. I suppose it’s kind of like a bad habit of mine. One too many quick turns to see that girl in the one-size-too-small string bikini practically suffocating her ass ruined it.

When she went to use the bathroom, I knew she was feeling discouraged, and I felt bad. I told myself I would try to stop looking at those girl in there butt-hugging bikinis, but it was too late for any promises like that. I stood there for a while, wandering away from the bathroom just a bit so it didn’t like I was just hanging outside a women’s restroom. I stood for a moment, and, surprise, I already caved. A girl was bent over several feet away. I couldn’t resist, I was the victim of that fine sight. And that’s when I felt it.

Jamie had noticed me staring at this girl and before I could even comprehend the situation, my trunks had been swiftly yanked down to my feet. I stood there for a moment, frozen. I had never understood how anyone could actually be frozen in humiliation, but it happened to me right then. I stood there, facing forward, but not looking at anything really. It didn’t take long for people to notice of course. One girl in a tight blue bikini was the first to see it. She had seen right from when my trunks were halfway down.

I just heard a mild giggle at first. She let her mouth hang open in shock for just a moment and then that giggling came out. She covered her mouth with her hand, as if that would hide the giggling. She wasn’t alone though. Her two friends, one in a pink bikini and the other in a green, quickly looked over as soon as their friend started giggling and let their mouth hang open in shock. The one in the pink only giggled mildly, even less than her friend, but the one in green let out the hysterics. Loud laughter could be heard by just about everyone immediately nearby and several heads turned alright.

They were mostly college girls and guys, all laughing as soon as they saw my predicament. They began to point and whisper to each other, some even pulling out cameras to remember my humiliation for years to come. I saw several girls hold their thumbs and index fingers only an inch apart as they stared directly at my penis. I heard only a few comments here and there, things like “Oh my God, I know,” and “I can’t believe it,” but most of them were too quiet to be heard from where I was.

As the laughter roared on, more people noticed. Middle-aged women who wore bikinis well, ones who didn’t wear them quite as well, girls my own age, more college girls, and plenty of guys too. They were all laughing. Laughing and pointing and holding their thumbs and index fingers only an inch apart from each other. Not all of them did that last one, but I noticed far too many to keep my self-esteem afloat.

All the while, I was paralyzed in fear, just paralyzed. The thing that snapped me out of it was just terrible though. Two exceedingly attractive girls from my school, Kasey and Stella, walked by the scene and laughed instantly when they saw me standing there naked, too scared to cover myself. They first pointed and then retracted their hands to make that familiar sign with their thumbs and index fingers, giggling to each other.

“Hi, Ryan,” they yelled in unison between their laughter.

It finally hit me what had happened. Finally I understood exactly what had just happened. I looked down to see the damage – it wasn’t good, not by a longshot – and then over at Jamie, who was laughing just as hard as the rest of them. I tried to bend over and pull my trunks up, but one tap on the butt from Jamie’s foot sent me falling down onto the ground. Then I felt the situation get worse. She pulled my trunks off and ran away. More laughter erupted. I looked up, which I shouldn’t have done. Everyone was pointing and laughing and my bare ass and some were even walking towards me. A great deal of them had cameras. I could feel my face burning brightly.

Right when I thought that all hope was lost and that I would be stuck at this waterpark naked, I felt something cover my ass. I looked back and someone had placed a towel over me. She appeared to be a mom, who couldn’t stop giggling through all of this, but was at least nice enough to help. She just winked at me as I stared for just a moment. Then I got up, held the towel in place, and ran. I ran far away from that crowd and went straight for the entrance, where I found Jamie.

She was holding my trunks like they were some sort of trophy as she giggled at me. I just glared at her. She kept smiling and then kissed me on the cheek.

“Shut up. You loved it, nerd,” she said.

I said nothing. I knew she was right, but the humiliation wasn’t gone.

Then, my towel came off. Jamie had stepped on it right as a crowd of boys and girls from our school were approaching. And I knew every, single one of them. 

“Oh my God. Ryan?”

The laughter began. The pointing began. The cameras were pulled out. The thumbs and index fingers were held an inch apart from each other. It was over.

Within a couple weeks, everyone at school had heard about my equipment and several had seen visual evidence to confirm my friends’ claims. Not just from my friends though. Those college guys and girls posted their videos all over Facebook and anywhere else they could. It became a viral hit, titled, “Naked Boy Loses His Footing,” and the comments were brutal, to say the least. Of course, Youtube didn’t let the original version last too long, but it always found a way to get reposted and it certainly didn’t die on other sites.

People actually recognized me on the street. There was one day in the summer when Jamie and I were walking down the street and I noticed a gorgeous woman in a short, short summer dress. I was admiring the view as we followed behind her, much to Jamie’s annoyance. She turned towards an apartment building and looked back at us politely as she entered, but stopped. Her eyes widened and she giggled loudly.

“Oh my God. You’re Naked Boy Loses His Footing, aren’t you?”

I could hear Jamie’s loud laughter begin.

“He is sure is,” yelled Jamie as she made that old sign with her thumb and index finger.

I just blushed and walked away. The woman’s giggling could be heard far down the street and Jamie sure laughed a while too. She then just smiled at me in that cute way she always smiles and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Shut up nerd,” she said. “You love it.”

LomoNavojo Art: Swim Trunks Pulled Down

LomoNavojo Art: Swim Trunks Pulled Down

As promised, here's the latest from my favorite Deviantart user! I must say, this one is truly fantastic and I think it's one of his best so far. It really does speak for itself, so I'm not going to say anything further about it. Just enjoy it!

That Scene In "Anger Management"

That Scene in "Anger Management"

Any fan of small penis humiliation is sure to know this scene, because for us guys who like having our shortcomings mocked, it sure is a classic. The film itself isn't very good (I'm sorry for those of you who like it), but at least for me, this is the only part of the whole movie I care about. I'm sure most of you have seen it, but regardless of that, here is a comprehensive breakdown of every, little detail contained in the scene.

Just to establish some quick set-up, the scene begins with a young Dave talking to Sally, a girl he clearly has a crush on. After a brief conversation, they begin playing Truth or Dare and after refusing a Truth, Sally dares Dave to kiss her in front of everyone. That is where we're at now, as you can see above. He's so close. His lips are right next to hers and he is about to kiss the girl of his dreams!

But wait! In come the local bully who proceeds to yank down poor Dave's shorts and underwear!

And there it is. His shots and underwear have hit the ground right in front of everyone, including Sally! 

And he knows it! There goes that kiss! Sally, however, doesn't seem to realize what's happened yet. Dave sure does, but Sally's got a little surprise waiting when she looks down.

There they are again, right on the ground in front of Sally.

And here is the first crowd reaction shot. There's the bully in the foreground, but even more importantly, this marks one of the only scenes featuring an adult woman laughing at Dave. Of course, she could be an older teenager, but still, the point is that it's an older female laughing at Dave as she watches the scene go down.

Finally, there it is! Sally's first reaction shot! We can see the shock in her eyes right away as what appears to be a sort of smirk forms on her face. Of course, one things also significant about this shot is that it reveals an adult woman in the background who appears to be staring directly at Dave's penis. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like she very well might be looking at the boy's small wonder.

Then it sinks in. Yes, Sally, it really is that small.

Then something truly shameful happens - Sally looks him in the eyes. Now she's staring right at him. She's seen his penis and now she's looking right at his shocked face as if to say, "Is it really that small?"  Yes, Sally, it really is that small.

Then the giggling begins.

And the giggling continues. Poor Dave.

And finally, here is the most crucial shot of the entire scene - not the best shot, but certainly the most important. Up until this point, everyone could have just been laughing because of the situation. They look like they're in middle school and middle schoolers will laugh at anything dumb, but now we know that Dave does indeed have a small penis. The old lady to the right proudly holds up that small penis sign for all to see. Of course, I would have greatly preferred a hot, middle-aged woman to make the small penis sign (just picture Demi Moore and Terri Hatcher laughing while Jennifer Aniston makes the small penis sign), but oh well.

And now with this knowledge, we fully understand why they are all laughing at little Dave. 

Then he looks down. Yes, Dave, you are exposed and it's far too late to save your reputation.

This is one of my favorite shots in the entire scene. In my opinion, it says so much on its own; you don't even need the rest of the scene to understand everything. We can see a boy has been pantsed and we can tell by the other pair of bare legs and flip-flops that it's in front of a girl. Plus, there are the other girls in the background who probably saw everything and the guy standing next to them who probably pulled down the first boy's pants.

There's not much a difference between this shot and the last, except for the fact that we can see Dave bending over to finally pull up his shorts and underwear.

Right after he pulls those shorts back up, we cut back to this wider crowd reaction shot. We can see all the boys  and Sally still laughing, but also a man on the far left side of the shot laughing away. Then there's the woman behind the crowd of boys, but she's clearly not amused - what's the fun in that?

This shot is all for laughs and I can't say I like it much. That's the bully's crazy sister laughing at Dave. It's a dumb gag and although it's a girl laughing, it just isn't that great. 

Then we cut to this final moment, which is absolutely spectacular. Finally, after seeing a bunch of guys laughing at Dave, we see this group of girls giggling away at the poor boy.

When the man in the yellow shirt walks out of the shot, we get a better view of two more girls laughing at Dave.

And finally, there it is - the golden shot. Let's got from right to left. First, there's one girl who doesn't appear to be looking at anything specifically, but seems to be catching her breath from how hard she was laughing. Then there's the next girl, still shocked and laughing at Dave. Right in the middle is probably the best reaction of all these girls. Not only is she covering her mouth in that same way Sally did, but she it pointing at poor Dave. The pointing just takes it to a whole new level. And finally, there's that familiar small penis sign being made by the girl on the left. Not only is she making the small penis sign, but she appears to be looking at that girl who disappeared from the first shot in this particular scene. Perhaps she's making the small penis sign right back at this girl! There's also that one other girl on the left, but her reaction hasn't changed throughout this.

The rest of the scene features poor Dave reluctantly smiling from the extreme humiliation and ends right about there. The rest of the movie features nothing more with any small penis humiliation, but this scene is more than enough!

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Photo: Small Wonder

Small Wonder

I can't tell you much about this photo beyond the title and anything that could easily be observed by just looking at the photo. It certainly is a great one and I believe a lot of SPH fans have at least seen the panel in the bottom left corner, but here is the complete version! Enjoy!

Internet Find: Small Penis Show For the Girl I Liked

Small Penis Show For the Girl I Liked

For those few who do indeed remember my Ryansmith60 Experience Project account, you probably remember my tendency to repost stories I found on the internet. Well, that's not changing now, because I have truly found some great stuff on the web. I do not alter any of these, even though some of the grammar is atrocious, so any spelling or grammar errors are not my fault. I also don't change titles. Anyway, enjoy this story!

When I was in 11th grade, I got my swimming trunks pulled down in front of this girl that I liked. Her name was Samantha. She was really good looking, and I had told my friends that I liked her. We were lab partners in physical science. One of my friends that I had told was this girl that I had been friends with for a long time. Her name was Jill, and I guess that it made her jealous. I think really that she must have liked me. Anyway, Jill had seen me naked before playing truth or dare, and so she already knew that I have a pretty small penis. She had a swimming pool at her house, and she wanted to invite me and Samantha over to go swimming. Jill was acting like she wanted to help set us up, but she had already told Samantha that I liked her, and then she went and told her that I have a little dick. It was all a big joke, and Samantha was in on it all along.

I showed up, and we swam for close to an hour. Samantha got out of the pool to get something to drink, and Jill told me that after she came back would be a good time to talk to her. When she came back, I got out of the pool, walked up to her, and started talking to her. She was standing about three feet in front of me. I heard Jill get out, but I wasn’t paying any attention to her. I noticed Samantha looked down and locked her gaze on my bulge. Then, I felt my trunks come down. When I went to grab the waistband, I looked down. My penis was shriveled to about an inch long and about half that wide. It looked like a little worm, and my balls were shriveled up to almost nothing. Jill hadn’t pulled my trunks all the way down, only to about mid-thigh, so when I went to grab the waistband it caused me to not bend over or squat down, and then I couldn’t pull them back up because she still had both her fists full of swimming trunks. I spun around and got away from Jill and pulled them back up. I almost fell.

Samantha was laughing her head off. The viewing had only lasted for a few seconds, but it was plenty of time for her to take it in. Jill was now laughing, too. My stomach was in a knot. They both went to the other side of the pool and started whispering and giggling and busting out laughing some more. I was so embarrassed that I just left.

The next Monday at school, I saw Jill and she said that it had left Samantha laughing for hours. I had butterflies about seeing her in science class. When the class finally rolled around, she came in with a big smile on her face, and acting like she was trying to keep from laughing. After a few minutes she said half giggling, “You have absolutely got the tiniest little dick I have ever seen… I can’t believe how little it is.” It felt like all the blood left my brain. The incident ended up getting all over school, and her little comments like that went on for weeks. Even after they wore off she would still grin every time she looked at me. This was by far, my most embarrassing experience.

Original Story: Naked in Front of My Entire Family

Naked in Front of My Entire Family

This is an original story of mine that I wrote nearly an entire year ago. Now before I hear any accusations of plagiarism from the select few who may recognize it from Experience Project, I posted it. I am the user Ryansmith60 and here's a secret for anyone who knows of that account - it's fake. The story is fictional and I hope you enjoy it!

Back in 1975, when I was only a fifteen year-old boy, my extended family was visiting for one week in the summer. This included my two aunts who were in their forties, my two uncles also in their forties, my five cousins - a girl of twelve, a girl of fourteen, a girl of seventeen, a boy of fifteen, and a boy of thirteen - and my seventy-year old grandparents. We had a medium-sized house and, although we didn't really have enough space for all these people, my mom made it work. My male cousins stayed in my room, my female cousins stayed in my sister's room, my aunts and uncles took up the couches and a one of the guests rooms, and my grandparents got the larger guest room. Despite how crowded the house got, it was always fun when my family made their annual trip to spend time with us.

The only drawback to having fifteen people in the house at one time was showering. We only had two showers in the house, so we divided those between the adults and the kids. Usually, it was peaceful - everyone was willing to wait patiently and, whenever one of us had finished up, we would just let the next person who needed the room that we were done. However, it became more complicated as we got older. As we entered puberty, we had to take more time for shaving and grooming, so the wait became longer. This was never much of a problem, except for one day that I will always remember.

My family was getting ready to go to the local park, which had easily become a tradition for us. The adult bathroom was right outside the main hallway, which could easily be seen from the living room, which is exactly where most of my family was waiting and casually chatting. I hadn't showered for several days, so my mom insisted that I do so before we left. The upstairs bathroom, which is the one that the children used, was currently occupied by my fourteen-year old cousin, so I had to use the adult one.

When I finished showering, I threw on a towel around my waist and slathered shaving cream on my face. Then I heard a bang on the door, so I yelled out, "Occupied." My sister told me to hurry up and I heard were walk off. Not even a minute later, my sister banged on the door again, so I yelled out, "Just a minute."

"No, I need to use the bathroom! Get out now!"

"Use the one upstairs."

"Sarah's still using it."

"Tough luck."

She tried to open the door, but luckily, it was locked. I heard a loud sigh, followed by footsteps as she walked off down the hall. Soon enough, there was more banging and my mom yelled, "Young man, you get out here right now!" I rolled my eyes and cracked open the door to explain that I wasn't done shaving, but I didn't even get a word out. My mom simply grabbed my arm and pulled me out into the hallway. My sister ran in, locking the door behind her, but my mom dragged me out further as I struggled to keep my towel on. She stopped me in front of the family and, as she began walking away, her watch got caught on my towel and, as she pulled her hand away, it yanked the towel off of my body. At that exact moment, Sarah (my fourteen-year old cousin) walked downstairs and witnessed this.

After a horrible moment of silence, everyone began laughing and pointing at me. I looked back to see my own mother laughing as she stared at my exposed butt. My two aunts were giggling and making the small penis sign to themselves, trying to hide it from view, but I still saw it clearly. I then covered my little penis and bent over to pick up my towel. I wrapped it around my waist, temporarily exposing my penis to the giggling crowd again, and ran upstairs, past Sarah, to my room and got dressed quickly.

When I walked back downstairs, my entire family was still laughing and pointing at me as they wiggled their pinkies in unison. I never lived that one down.

The Art of LomoNavojo

The Art of LomoNavojo

Obviously, we all know the more popular fetish - hate that word - artists such as Barabara O'Toole, but then there are the smaller ones who get little to no attention. Of course, Barb is a hell of a lot more talented than these smaller artists, but there's some great stuff by some of these guys.

And there is my intro to the artwork of a Deviantart user by the name of LomoNavojo. He specializes in photo manipulation techniques and while his work doesn't specifically portray small penis humiliation, it does feature guys being stripped or pantsed against their will, sometimes accidentally. He doesn't have much stuff up yet, but what he has posted is good, or at least entertaining.

The one above is called "Pantsed" and it's pretty self-explanatory. So far, this is the only art he has posted that features a guy getting pantsed by a girl, but there are plenty more with female spectators! In fact, they all feature female spectators.

This is the first of his accidental stuff. It's called "Missing Something?" and again, there's not a lot to say about it. There are certainly some flaws in the art of this particular manipulation, but there's no denying that the concept is nice. Plus, the embarrassment is perfectly clear through the man's arms placement. Perhaps he's got something to hide, especially considering that the girls are taking photos of the poor, naked guy.

This is my personal favorite. Following in the tradition of his usually simple titles, it's called "Beach Pantsing" and it is just perfect in my opinion. It's got the clearest story out of all of his work and that is why I love it. We can gather that the guy was probably flirting with the woman lying down, perhaps even impressing her, but then a potentially jealous friend yanked down those swim trunks. We can't see what the woman lying down is doing, but we can at least see the woman laughing in the background and the other getting a photo of the situation.

This is the latest from LomoNavojo and, well, it's not his best. It's certainly not bad and I love the concept, but some of the manipulation looks proportionately off. Now I'm not going to get technical with this critique, because it's still a very good photo. The woman's reaction is brilliant; it's subtle, but you can tell she's looking right down there and trying not to laugh too hard. Of course, us SPH fans can imagine that she's trying not to laugh at his small penis, but I'm not sure that's the implication here.

LomoNavojo's art will be posted here upon his next uploads, but you can also follow his work by finding him on Deviantart.