Thursday, July 11, 2013

Internet Find: Girls Can Be Cruel

Girls Can Be Cruel

OK so I was 14 at the time with a really small dick (at the time I didn't think it was small). It was about 3 inches hard and 1.5 soft. After gym, everyone had to take a shower but I never did because of my small dick. So one day we had to go swimming. It was a normal gym day until one of the girls came up to me and said meet me in the showers after. She had huge tits and was really hot so I couldn't say no. So we went in and I took off all of my clothes and grabbed a towel to meet her there. She was standing right outside the shower area and said, "You go first." So I dropped the towel, went near the showers, and turned one on . I then turned around to see her running away with my towel. So I go to chase her, because that was my first instinct. I couldn't find her, so I went to my locker to grab my other clothes, but they turned out to be gone too. So it was about 10 minutes after the period ended when she opened the door and said, "We will give you your stuff back if you come to us. At this point, I still didn't think my dick was small because I was stupid. I thought it was average size, so I wasn't really embarrassed to show a few girls my dick. So I went out and all I heard was laughter and pictures being taken. I looked down and saw that it was even smaller than before because I was just in the shower. Then I felt something behind me and two girls tied my hands together. I looked up to see my clothes on a basketball hoop. They said since they already had their pictures, they will help me get it. So they go the ladder that was always next to the hoop and said, "Here. Climb this." Once I got on the actual hoop, I was just standing there naked. I tried to reach over and get my clothes, but the girls hit them off with a stick. So I went to the ladder, but once I got there, they were already down. So I was just standing there with my hard, 2-inch dick out that was and my hands still tied behind my back . They then called a few of their friends over and they all took more pictures. After abut 10 minutes, the girls basketball team came in and my dick was really hard now. All the girls were laughing so hard. Finally, the coach of the girls basketball team came over (who was the hottest teacher I had ever had), looked at me and put her hand over her mouth to stop giggling, but then said, "Hey, take take him down." But she was still laughing.

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