Friday, July 5, 2013

Internet Find: Speedo Or None?

Speedo Or None?

As the title might suggest, this is another one of those incredibly unbelievable, yet highly entertaining SPH stories. It's another classic I initially discovered on "" and there's really not much else to say about it. Enjoy this one, guys!

This happened to me just last summer, I was 15 and was going into 10th grade. The day before school ended we each wrote essays in English about what what we were doing over the break, I wrote that I was vacationing with my family on Maui. The most attractive girls in the class wrote the same. "Maybe we'll meet up," I joked, for the chances of that happening are so small. 

Well I stayed at this weird  but fancy hotel that was nice, but had one odd rule, the pool area was speedos only. Now, I am a bit short down there, about 1 to 1.5 inches when soft, maybe just 1 or possibly less when wet, so indeed I feared the rule. One day though, when my parents were gone, I decided to go, because it was just sooo hot. I did get a few stares and giggles at my crotch, but I just told myself to ignore them, and not look down, for it would only draw more attention. I cooled off in the pool a little while, then did a dive off the high dive, and got out. I received tons of stares now, and got tense, so without thinking I began to briskly walk balk to my hotel room. I kept telling myself to not look down, fearing it would attract more stares. I finally entered the elevators, and pressed floor 15, but when the shiny doors closed, I saw my reflection and realized i was butt naked! I was sooooo embarrassed! 

The elevator stopped on the first floor, and I realized someone was getting in with me. Guess who. The hottest girl, my crush cam walking in, pressed floor 15 as well, and simply said: Corey, oh my god! Why are you nude! Then she began hysterically laughing. I just whimpered something and looked down, hiding my face. Finally we got out together at floor 15, when I realized I didn't have my key! I would have to go down again! I gasped, and she realized what was going on. We just so happened to have rooms with connecting doors, so she let me in hers, while her entire family watched me. When they weren't looking, she pried my hands away, got a glimpse of my tiny wet penis, and began hysterically laughing again. 

Needless to say, this year at school, word has definitely spread of my nude streak and my half-incher. Definitely my most embarrassing moment.

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