Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Small Penis Insults

Small Penis Insults

Hello, my followers! I have been talking to a girl lately who actually entices the idea of trying small penis humiliation. For now, she has texted me a few jabs at my small penis (only upon request so far) and I thought I'd share them with you! They certainly range in creativity, but overall, they're quite good. I've gotten eight so far and here they are!

1) Let me get some ketchup for your french fry.

2) Maybe if you water it, it will grow!

3) So this is why you're supposed to judge people on their personality.

4) Don't go fishing, they throw back the small ones.

5) I thought you were cray, but now I see you're all nuts!

6) You need to order a new package from UPS, because yours is too small!

7) It's just a happy meal, you can't super-size it.

8) Here's a pair of panties, they'll suit you better!