Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Speeding: No One Thinks Big Of You

Speeding: No One Thinks Big of You

Ah, yes, I'm sure we've all heard of this classic Australian ad featuring a woman waving her pinkie to all those speeders out there. I've heard that the ad actually worked, but of course, I get a hell of a lot more out of it than a mere warning not to speed.

I can see how the ad would be effective. Most men certainly don't like having the size of their penis mocked and the fact that a national ad probably had women mimicking the ad all over Australia would've made it all the more effective. Of course, to me, that sounds like a dream come true.

Just imagine it. You're driving down the street, already seeing massive billboards like the one above, and you maybe push the pedal down a bit too much. You hit a stop sign and glance over at the girl next to you, who then waves her pinkie and giggles at you. 

Or maybe you're behind a slow-moving bus and you gun it to pass that damn thing. Well, all the female passengers think you're just speeding and proceed to wave all their pinkies at you and laugh up a storm.

Of course, even if women weren't captivated to mimic the ad, it's sheer pleasure enough to see them on the streets. I can tell you that I'd love waiting for a bus if this were what I got to sit next to!

Then, of course, there's the actual 30-second ad (which can easily be found on YouTube) that actually illustrates this fantasy I described. Women wave their pinkies when a speeder goes by, so I can only imagine that there was at least a mild mimicking of this ad. Hopefully.

And here's further evidence that women mimicked the ad, but there's still no telling how much. Of course, for the purposes of my fantasy, I'm just going to think that women all over the nation had the time of their lives giggling and waving their pinkies at speeders.

Yeah, let's just say they did.

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