Monday, July 1, 2013

Internet Find: Small Penis Humiliation By Four Teens

Small Penis Humiliation By Four Teens

Okay, first off, this is not some weird story about four teenage boys humiliating a forty-something year old man (that stuff does not turn me on at all). The narrator in this story is a teenager as well. This is just one of the many cases on Experience Project where the story is very poorly titled, but it’s a great story nonetheless. I hope you all enjoy it!

When I was 14, I was a late bloomer. I had a very small penis and hairless sac of two small marble sized balls. Every afternoon, I would jump on the trampoline with my next door neighbor, Tiffany. She was 12. This day, she had a friend from our school home with her. Monica was 13, cute, very shy and quiet. Tiffany had an older sister, Vonie, 16, who also had a friend over, Nancy, 14. Vonie was a softball player, tom-boyish, tall and strong with small, but apparently perky breasts. I teased her about her tits constantly, asking her things like "Will they ever grow," or "Oh my god! You're chest is flatter than a board." Typical obnoxious nerdy stuff, I know.

As I jumped on the trampoline with Tiffany and Monica, I began to loudly boast about how men were superior to little girls in every way. This got Vonie's attention, and she suggested a wager. She said if I could wrestle each of them and pin them to the match, they would be my slaves for the rest of the day - only until 5, which was four hours away. If one of them could beat me, I would be their slave.

Tiffany was easy, followed by Monica, who didn't put up but a little more resistance. Nancy was a lot harder. She had very strong legs, and I must admit, I was getting pretty tired, so I decided to embarrass her. I quickly pulled her shorts all the way down to her ankles, revealing a cute, blue thong. I laughed and laughed after I pinned her. I got a couple of customary slaps, but none that hurt. 

I decided to run inside, use the bathroom and get some water. When I got back, I saw the girls huddled up. I just figured they were discussing a strategy, so I began taunting them and telling them I would make them wear boy underwear and kiss my ass, that kind of thing.

I got on the trampoline, as did the others and I began wrestling Vonie. She was strong. Very strong. I looked down at her shorts, and she noticed. I wouldn't be able to trick her the same way. I began verbally taunting her - "Tiny tits," etc. Then the unthinkable happened. I felt my shorts ripped down from behind me. The girls were laughing, but I didn't let up. My arms were locked with Vonie. Then I felt two more hands tugging and down came my underwear. Vonie stepped on my underwear and pushed me off of the trampoline and into the pool. 

I was disoriented for a second and then realized I was naked and in the pool with the girls laughing, cheering, and high fiving each other. I jumped up and ran to the trampoline to get my clothes, but they weren't there. The girls had hidden them. Then Vonie tackled me and Nancy pinned my legs down. I was utterly exhausted. My penis shrunk to nonexistence because of the cold water and the girls had noticed.

They were all around shouting things like "Baby dick," and "Pee Pee," and then they started comparing it to guys they knew. Apparently 6-7 inches is normal. One of them came up with a ruler and I was only 1 inch.

I pleaded and began crying, but they kept up with the humiliation. Apparently when I went inside, one of them had gotten a camera and caught the whole thing on tape. I was blackmailed into dressing like a girl, kissing Vonie's ass, and putting Nancy's thong in my mouth.

I had never experienced humiliation like this ever in my life. None of the girls ever mentioned it. I eventually saw the tape, but there was no tape! They knew I would never agree to it unless I was blackmailed, but they couldn't find a tape at the time.

Since then I have learned that women may not always be physically stronger, but they can be more powerful!

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