Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Quick Clarification

A Quick Clarification 

What is this blog? 

Well, my friends, this is a fetish blog. I hate that word fetish, but it's the best word to describe this with a quick generality. Specifically, it is a blog for men (or boys) who enjoy small penis humiliation. If you're not into that, exit out of this webpage, clear your internet history, and walk away from the computer, my friend. If you are, however, please keep reading!

More specifically, what is this blog? 

Even more specifically, this is a blog that focuses on small penis humiliation and not much else. I know there are a lot of fetishes - ugh, there's that word again - that go along with SPH, but not many of those will be focused on here. I realize that spanking is a huge one and that will be welcomed on this blog since I do enjoy a good spanking every now and then. Forced cross dressing is another popular complement and while I do enjoy that concept, it will not be a huge focus; it certainly won't be excluded, but it will not be a primary focus on the blog. Anything else, on the other hand, will probably be excluded. Cuckolding is one that absolutely will be. I'm sorry for all of those men (and boys) out there who enjoy the concept, but it's not something I'm into and considering that this is my blog, I feel that I have the right to be selective. 

Now that I've covered the content, I want to talk about why I started this blog. I know there are plenty of sites and blogs out there that cover this fetish - I know, I know - but I have yet to find one I really love. Some of them are too extreme for me (these ones often include cuckolding, forced anal sex, etc.) and those ones just grossed me out. For the record, I mean no offense to you men who enjoy those concepts; there's nothing wrong with liking them, they're just not for me. Beyond that, I just couldn't find one that made me feel...well, normal.

I know a lot of guys are into SPH, but I always disliked that I was into it. I'm still a bit indifferent about it, especially since my girlfriend doesn't want to try it, but I wanted to create a place where guys who feel similarly as me could rejoice and indulge in SPH material. This is meant to be a place that welcomes all men with small penises who like being mocked and laughed at for their short comings. Please enjoy and feel free to contact with me any questions or comments!

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