Sunday, June 30, 2013

Internet Find: In Front of Girlfriend's Sister and Mom

In Front of Girlfriend's Sister and Mom

Now, I must say, this is terribly unbelievable. If you accept this story as a mere fantasy, it's fun, but it could have been thought out much better. The grammar is also atrocious and though I did what I could to make it easier to read, it still shows a bit. Anyway, enjoy this one! It's not the best internet find, but the ending makes it worth it.

Probably one of the most embarrassing feelings but it was great. Again, for my readers this was on purpose. My girlfriend’s family and I went to a water park called Hershey Park. We were all having a good time until she noticed I was checking out her sister a good bit, she is a year younger than us. She said if I kept doing it she will get upset. I thought whatever and kept looking. Then later on, her sister goes down one slide and get suuuuuper wedgied and it was great, her whole ass was out. I was locked on. Then my girlfriend said it was my turn. Were all standing at the top and just when I was gonna go she said, “Wait, wait, go backwards, that’d be funny.” Weird suggestion, I thought, but why not so I start to go an she grabs my trunks and they slide riiight off my body giving the best view all the way down the slide. Only thing was there was not much of a view - a water park all day will do this to you. Her mom and sister were cracking up, they all thought it was in good fun. Her mom said, “Oh little Ryan, that was quite a show.” Her sister just kept looking down at it. Then she finally gave me back my shorts and I acted like I was reallly embarrassed. The whole way home they were making liiiittle jokes back and forth, I loooved it. I blew a load in my trunks right there. It’s always successful when I’m naked at a water park. Oh my god, and when we got home, I overheard her mom tell her dad. He asked (shockingly) if everyone saw my penis. Her mom said yeah but it was not much to see. “He was pretty small, maybe it was the water but it seemed very small.”

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