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That Scene In "Anger Management"

That Scene in "Anger Management"

Any fan of small penis humiliation is sure to know this scene, because for us guys who like having our shortcomings mocked, it sure is a classic. The film itself isn't very good (I'm sorry for those of you who like it), but at least for me, this is the only part of the whole movie I care about. I'm sure most of you have seen it, but regardless of that, here is a comprehensive breakdown of every, little detail contained in the scene.

Just to establish some quick set-up, the scene begins with a young Dave talking to Sally, a girl he clearly has a crush on. After a brief conversation, they begin playing Truth or Dare and after refusing a Truth, Sally dares Dave to kiss her in front of everyone. That is where we're at now, as you can see above. He's so close. His lips are right next to hers and he is about to kiss the girl of his dreams!

But wait! In come the local bully who proceeds to yank down poor Dave's shorts and underwear!

And there it is. His shots and underwear have hit the ground right in front of everyone, including Sally! 

And he knows it! There goes that kiss! Sally, however, doesn't seem to realize what's happened yet. Dave sure does, but Sally's got a little surprise waiting when she looks down.

There they are again, right on the ground in front of Sally.

And here is the first crowd reaction shot. There's the bully in the foreground, but even more importantly, this marks one of the only scenes featuring an adult woman laughing at Dave. Of course, she could be an older teenager, but still, the point is that it's an older female laughing at Dave as she watches the scene go down.

Finally, there it is! Sally's first reaction shot! We can see the shock in her eyes right away as what appears to be a sort of smirk forms on her face. Of course, one things also significant about this shot is that it reveals an adult woman in the background who appears to be staring directly at Dave's penis. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like she very well might be looking at the boy's small wonder.

Then it sinks in. Yes, Sally, it really is that small.

Then something truly shameful happens - Sally looks him in the eyes. Now she's staring right at him. She's seen his penis and now she's looking right at his shocked face as if to say, "Is it really that small?"  Yes, Sally, it really is that small.

Then the giggling begins.

And the giggling continues. Poor Dave.

And finally, here is the most crucial shot of the entire scene - not the best shot, but certainly the most important. Up until this point, everyone could have just been laughing because of the situation. They look like they're in middle school and middle schoolers will laugh at anything dumb, but now we know that Dave does indeed have a small penis. The old lady to the right proudly holds up that small penis sign for all to see. Of course, I would have greatly preferred a hot, middle-aged woman to make the small penis sign (just picture Demi Moore and Terri Hatcher laughing while Jennifer Aniston makes the small penis sign), but oh well.

And now with this knowledge, we fully understand why they are all laughing at little Dave. 

Then he looks down. Yes, Dave, you are exposed and it's far too late to save your reputation.

This is one of my favorite shots in the entire scene. In my opinion, it says so much on its own; you don't even need the rest of the scene to understand everything. We can see a boy has been pantsed and we can tell by the other pair of bare legs and flip-flops that it's in front of a girl. Plus, there are the other girls in the background who probably saw everything and the guy standing next to them who probably pulled down the first boy's pants.

There's not much a difference between this shot and the last, except for the fact that we can see Dave bending over to finally pull up his shorts and underwear.

Right after he pulls those shorts back up, we cut back to this wider crowd reaction shot. We can see all the boys  and Sally still laughing, but also a man on the far left side of the shot laughing away. Then there's the woman behind the crowd of boys, but she's clearly not amused - what's the fun in that?

This shot is all for laughs and I can't say I like it much. That's the bully's crazy sister laughing at Dave. It's a dumb gag and although it's a girl laughing, it just isn't that great. 

Then we cut to this final moment, which is absolutely spectacular. Finally, after seeing a bunch of guys laughing at Dave, we see this group of girls giggling away at the poor boy.

When the man in the yellow shirt walks out of the shot, we get a better view of two more girls laughing at Dave.

And finally, there it is - the golden shot. Let's got from right to left. First, there's one girl who doesn't appear to be looking at anything specifically, but seems to be catching her breath from how hard she was laughing. Then there's the next girl, still shocked and laughing at Dave. Right in the middle is probably the best reaction of all these girls. Not only is she covering her mouth in that same way Sally did, but she it pointing at poor Dave. The pointing just takes it to a whole new level. And finally, there's that familiar small penis sign being made by the girl on the left. Not only is she making the small penis sign, but she appears to be looking at that girl who disappeared from the first shot in this particular scene. Perhaps she's making the small penis sign right back at this girl! There's also that one other girl on the left, but her reaction hasn't changed throughout this.

The rest of the scene features poor Dave reluctantly smiling from the extreme humiliation and ends right about there. The rest of the movie features nothing more with any small penis humiliation, but this scene is more than enough!

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  1. Pretty good scene. What do you think of the SPH scene in the original Scary Movie?