Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Art of LomoNavojo

The Art of LomoNavojo

Obviously, we all know the more popular fetish - hate that word - artists such as Barabara O'Toole, but then there are the smaller ones who get little to no attention. Of course, Barb is a hell of a lot more talented than these smaller artists, but there's some great stuff by some of these guys.

And there is my intro to the artwork of a Deviantart user by the name of LomoNavojo. He specializes in photo manipulation techniques and while his work doesn't specifically portray small penis humiliation, it does feature guys being stripped or pantsed against their will, sometimes accidentally. He doesn't have much stuff up yet, but what he has posted is good, or at least entertaining.

The one above is called "Pantsed" and it's pretty self-explanatory. So far, this is the only art he has posted that features a guy getting pantsed by a girl, but there are plenty more with female spectators! In fact, they all feature female spectators.

This is the first of his accidental stuff. It's called "Missing Something?" and again, there's not a lot to say about it. There are certainly some flaws in the art of this particular manipulation, but there's no denying that the concept is nice. Plus, the embarrassment is perfectly clear through the man's arms placement. Perhaps he's got something to hide, especially considering that the girls are taking photos of the poor, naked guy.

This is my personal favorite. Following in the tradition of his usually simple titles, it's called "Beach Pantsing" and it is just perfect in my opinion. It's got the clearest story out of all of his work and that is why I love it. We can gather that the guy was probably flirting with the woman lying down, perhaps even impressing her, but then a potentially jealous friend yanked down those swim trunks. We can't see what the woman lying down is doing, but we can at least see the woman laughing in the background and the other getting a photo of the situation.

This is the latest from LomoNavojo and, well, it's not his best. It's certainly not bad and I love the concept, but some of the manipulation looks proportionately off. Now I'm not going to get technical with this critique, because it's still a very good photo. The woman's reaction is brilliant; it's subtle, but you can tell she's looking right down there and trying not to laugh too hard. Of course, us SPH fans can imagine that she's trying not to laugh at his small penis, but I'm not sure that's the implication here.

LomoNavojo's art will be posted here upon his next uploads, but you can also follow his work by finding him on Deviantart.

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