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Original Story: Naked in Front of My Entire Family

Naked in Front of My Entire Family

This is an original story of mine that I wrote nearly an entire year ago. Now before I hear any accusations of plagiarism from the select few who may recognize it from Experience Project, I posted it. I am the user Ryansmith60 and here's a secret for anyone who knows of that account - it's fake. The story is fictional and I hope you enjoy it!

Back in 1975, when I was only a fifteen year-old boy, my extended family was visiting for one week in the summer. This included my two aunts who were in their forties, my two uncles also in their forties, my five cousins - a girl of twelve, a girl of fourteen, a girl of seventeen, a boy of fifteen, and a boy of thirteen - and my seventy-year old grandparents. We had a medium-sized house and, although we didn't really have enough space for all these people, my mom made it work. My male cousins stayed in my room, my female cousins stayed in my sister's room, my aunts and uncles took up the couches and a one of the guests rooms, and my grandparents got the larger guest room. Despite how crowded the house got, it was always fun when my family made their annual trip to spend time with us.

The only drawback to having fifteen people in the house at one time was showering. We only had two showers in the house, so we divided those between the adults and the kids. Usually, it was peaceful - everyone was willing to wait patiently and, whenever one of us had finished up, we would just let the next person who needed the room that we were done. However, it became more complicated as we got older. As we entered puberty, we had to take more time for shaving and grooming, so the wait became longer. This was never much of a problem, except for one day that I will always remember.

My family was getting ready to go to the local park, which had easily become a tradition for us. The adult bathroom was right outside the main hallway, which could easily be seen from the living room, which is exactly where most of my family was waiting and casually chatting. I hadn't showered for several days, so my mom insisted that I do so before we left. The upstairs bathroom, which is the one that the children used, was currently occupied by my fourteen-year old cousin, so I had to use the adult one.

When I finished showering, I threw on a towel around my waist and slathered shaving cream on my face. Then I heard a bang on the door, so I yelled out, "Occupied." My sister told me to hurry up and I heard were walk off. Not even a minute later, my sister banged on the door again, so I yelled out, "Just a minute."

"No, I need to use the bathroom! Get out now!"

"Use the one upstairs."

"Sarah's still using it."

"Tough luck."

She tried to open the door, but luckily, it was locked. I heard a loud sigh, followed by footsteps as she walked off down the hall. Soon enough, there was more banging and my mom yelled, "Young man, you get out here right now!" I rolled my eyes and cracked open the door to explain that I wasn't done shaving, but I didn't even get a word out. My mom simply grabbed my arm and pulled me out into the hallway. My sister ran in, locking the door behind her, but my mom dragged me out further as I struggled to keep my towel on. She stopped me in front of the family and, as she began walking away, her watch got caught on my towel and, as she pulled her hand away, it yanked the towel off of my body. At that exact moment, Sarah (my fourteen-year old cousin) walked downstairs and witnessed this.

After a horrible moment of silence, everyone began laughing and pointing at me. I looked back to see my own mother laughing as she stared at my exposed butt. My two aunts were giggling and making the small penis sign to themselves, trying to hide it from view, but I still saw it clearly. I then covered my little penis and bent over to pick up my towel. I wrapped it around my waist, temporarily exposing my penis to the giggling crowd again, and ran upstairs, past Sarah, to my room and got dressed quickly.

When I walked back downstairs, my entire family was still laughing and pointing at me as they wiggled their pinkies in unison. I never lived that one down.

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