Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Internet Find: Total Humiliation

Total Humiliation

This is a true story that happened when I was 12...I was a real bully when I was a kid, I picked on guys and I harassed girls. In retrospect I know what a messed up kid I was, but back then I really didn't care. I just treated everyone around me like shit. Then one summer I found out the hard way that bullying is bad. 

I was out at this lake with a few of my friends, along with a bunch of other kids from school. Well there was this girl out there that I really used to tease pretty bad. She was kinda chubby, a year younger than us, and she was really awkward socially. My friends and I always gave her a really hard time. That day one of my friends dared me to pull that girl's bathing suit top off. I thought it would be hilarious so I went up behind her, and when she wasn't paying attention I pulled her top over her head and off of her completely. Me and my friends were just laughing as she started crying, got out of the water and ran off. But about 10 minutes later she came back, still upset, but now she was wearing a shirt and she had her older brother and sister with her. I don't know how old they were exactly, the brother was probably college aged and the sister was in high school, I think. Anyway, she pointed at me and her brother told me to get out of the water...I was still trying to look cool and I told him to make me. He did. He jumped into the water, swam over, and pulled me back to shore. He and the older sister took turns screaming at me, calling me a pervert, telling me to apologize, stuff like that. Pretty soon the brother pushed me, and again I wanted to look tough, so I swung at him. I missed and he just grabbed me by the arms. The older sister took the opportunity to really get even...By pulling my trunks down right there. 

Now is probably the time to mention, I have a really small dick. I'm 22 now, I assume it's as big as it's gonna get, and when it's fully hard it's barely over 4 inches. When I was 12 it was even worse than that...See I'd hit an early growth spurt and I played a lot of sports, so I was easily the biggest/tallest guy in our grade, but between the legs I still came up very short. I was completely hairless, my balls were small and barely descended, and frankly it didn't even look like I had a dick. I basically had a stubby, pink little head with no visible shaft. It looked like a second belly button where my penis should have been. Looking back on it now, that was probably a big part of why I was such a punk back then. 

Anyway, yeah, she went and yanked my trunks down and off of my body, leaving me totally naked and exposing my undeveloped package to everyone there. My friends, guys from school, girls from school, and everybody else. They all got a good look at just how little I had. The little kids were just laughing because I was naked, but everyone else was laughing for a very obvious reason. I can still vividly remember a lot of it. I remember girls laughing and making the finger/thumb sign or waving their pinkies at me, I remember my friends making all kinds of jokes, and I especially remember the older sister telling the girl I used to tease to get a good look at my wiener because she probably wouldn't get to see one that small again. After a couple minutes of laughter and dick jokes, the older siblings carried me to the end of a dock and tossed me in the water. They took their sister--and my shorts--and left. I ran out of the water, grabbed my shirt off a bench, threw it on and just took off on my bike. I pedaled all the way home naked from the waist down, everything on display for anyone who could see. When I got back home I was in such a rush that I just ran into the house without even thinking to cover myself up with anything, and since my mom, my big brother, and my little sister were home, they all got a look at my junk when I ran through the kitchen to get to the stairs. 

I went from bully to victim really quick when word spread around school about my shortcomings. My friends would always try to prank me by pulling my pants down in front of girls and girls would giggle or make jokes when I walked by. And it never really stopped either...I mean it definitely lightened up a lot, but even 5 years later when I was a senior in high school people would still make small penis jokes whenever the opportunity came up. Hell even today I still haven't completely lived it down. 

Oh, and that girl wound up getting the last laugh...See by sophomore year in high school she'd lost weight and wound up turning into a total hottie. I thought maybe she'd forgotten what a prick I used to be...I tried to get her to go out with me, and she flat out rejected me, telling a group of her girlfriends that I had a small cock in the process.

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