Sunday, June 23, 2013

Original Story: Water World

Water World

It was in the midst of a public congregation when I got my trunks yanked down. My girlfriend had done, out of jealousy mostly. I mean, it’s Water World. It’s only natural to at least glance at some of the girls wearing next to nothing. I don’t see anything wrong with just taking a few seconds to look at a girl in a small bikini. It’s not like I’m going to do anything, I’m just getting a peak. Plus, I love my girlfriend too much to even begin to think about the mere notion of cheating on her in the slightest. Jamie, however, disagreed with my logic.

We had had a fun day for a while. We went on rides together, we kissed in the wave pool, we held hands in the lazy river, but then I ruined it. I do that. I suppose it’s kind of like a bad habit of mine. One too many quick turns to see that girl in the one-size-too-small string bikini practically suffocating her ass ruined it.

When she went to use the bathroom, I knew she was feeling discouraged, and I felt bad. I told myself I would try to stop looking at those girl in there butt-hugging bikinis, but it was too late for any promises like that. I stood there for a while, wandering away from the bathroom just a bit so it didn’t like I was just hanging outside a women’s restroom. I stood for a moment, and, surprise, I already caved. A girl was bent over several feet away. I couldn’t resist, I was the victim of that fine sight. And that’s when I felt it.

Jamie had noticed me staring at this girl and before I could even comprehend the situation, my trunks had been swiftly yanked down to my feet. I stood there for a moment, frozen. I had never understood how anyone could actually be frozen in humiliation, but it happened to me right then. I stood there, facing forward, but not looking at anything really. It didn’t take long for people to notice of course. One girl in a tight blue bikini was the first to see it. She had seen right from when my trunks were halfway down.

I just heard a mild giggle at first. She let her mouth hang open in shock for just a moment and then that giggling came out. She covered her mouth with her hand, as if that would hide the giggling. She wasn’t alone though. Her two friends, one in a pink bikini and the other in a green, quickly looked over as soon as their friend started giggling and let their mouth hang open in shock. The one in the pink only giggled mildly, even less than her friend, but the one in green let out the hysterics. Loud laughter could be heard by just about everyone immediately nearby and several heads turned alright.

They were mostly college girls and guys, all laughing as soon as they saw my predicament. They began to point and whisper to each other, some even pulling out cameras to remember my humiliation for years to come. I saw several girls hold their thumbs and index fingers only an inch apart as they stared directly at my penis. I heard only a few comments here and there, things like “Oh my God, I know,” and “I can’t believe it,” but most of them were too quiet to be heard from where I was.

As the laughter roared on, more people noticed. Middle-aged women who wore bikinis well, ones who didn’t wear them quite as well, girls my own age, more college girls, and plenty of guys too. They were all laughing. Laughing and pointing and holding their thumbs and index fingers only an inch apart from each other. Not all of them did that last one, but I noticed far too many to keep my self-esteem afloat.

All the while, I was paralyzed in fear, just paralyzed. The thing that snapped me out of it was just terrible though. Two exceedingly attractive girls from my school, Kasey and Stella, walked by the scene and laughed instantly when they saw me standing there naked, too scared to cover myself. They first pointed and then retracted their hands to make that familiar sign with their thumbs and index fingers, giggling to each other.

“Hi, Ryan,” they yelled in unison between their laughter.

It finally hit me what had happened. Finally I understood exactly what had just happened. I looked down to see the damage – it wasn’t good, not by a longshot – and then over at Jamie, who was laughing just as hard as the rest of them. I tried to bend over and pull my trunks up, but one tap on the butt from Jamie’s foot sent me falling down onto the ground. Then I felt the situation get worse. She pulled my trunks off and ran away. More laughter erupted. I looked up, which I shouldn’t have done. Everyone was pointing and laughing and my bare ass and some were even walking towards me. A great deal of them had cameras. I could feel my face burning brightly.

Right when I thought that all hope was lost and that I would be stuck at this waterpark naked, I felt something cover my ass. I looked back and someone had placed a towel over me. She appeared to be a mom, who couldn’t stop giggling through all of this, but was at least nice enough to help. She just winked at me as I stared for just a moment. Then I got up, held the towel in place, and ran. I ran far away from that crowd and went straight for the entrance, where I found Jamie.

She was holding my trunks like they were some sort of trophy as she giggled at me. I just glared at her. She kept smiling and then kissed me on the cheek.

“Shut up. You loved it, nerd,” she said.

I said nothing. I knew she was right, but the humiliation wasn’t gone.

Then, my towel came off. Jamie had stepped on it right as a crowd of boys and girls from our school were approaching. And I knew every, single one of them. 

“Oh my God. Ryan?”

The laughter began. The pointing began. The cameras were pulled out. The thumbs and index fingers were held an inch apart from each other. It was over.

Within a couple weeks, everyone at school had heard about my equipment and several had seen visual evidence to confirm my friends’ claims. Not just from my friends though. Those college guys and girls posted their videos all over Facebook and anywhere else they could. It became a viral hit, titled, “Naked Boy Loses His Footing,” and the comments were brutal, to say the least. Of course, Youtube didn’t let the original version last too long, but it always found a way to get reposted and it certainly didn’t die on other sites.

People actually recognized me on the street. There was one day in the summer when Jamie and I were walking down the street and I noticed a gorgeous woman in a short, short summer dress. I was admiring the view as we followed behind her, much to Jamie’s annoyance. She turned towards an apartment building and looked back at us politely as she entered, but stopped. Her eyes widened and she giggled loudly.

“Oh my God. You’re Naked Boy Loses His Footing, aren’t you?”

I could hear Jamie’s loud laughter begin.

“He is sure is,” yelled Jamie as she made that old sign with her thumb and index finger.

I just blushed and walked away. The woman’s giggling could be heard far down the street and Jamie sure laughed a while too. She then just smiled at me in that cute way she always smiles and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Shut up nerd,” she said. “You love it.”

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