Monday, August 12, 2013

Internet Find: Embarrassing Consequences

Embarrassing Consequences

Another nice find from Experience Project. Enjoy!

By the time I was 14 I was used to my sisters making fun of my little dick, and so I was very shy around any girls. On this day, I was going home from school through a valley behind the school. I heard someone call my name and turned to see 2 girls from my class. We were walking together and met a group of about 5 or 6 younger kids from the junior school down the road. One of the girls from my class said she wanted to stop and have a cigarette before we reached the main road. We all sat around on the grass just chatting while this girl and her friend were smoking. They were behind me and I looked around to say something and realised I could see up her skirt, and so just stared at her knickers. Her friend saw me looking and said "Paul is looking up your skirt!" and started laughing. I just blushed and looked away. She put her cigarette out on the grass, stood up and said "Who wants to see Paul's dick? Let's get his pants off." Her and her friend jumped on me and all the kids started giggling and shouting something like "Yay, get his willy out."

I tried to jump up but they both grabbed my arms and one sat on my chest so I couldn't move. They undid my belt and pulled my zipper down and then told 2 of the younger girls to pull on my pants. My pants came down to my ankles and then the girl on my chest grabbed my undies and pushed them down, leaving me bare for everyone to see. The most embarrassing moment of my life so far, with my tiny dick and balls exposed, and the girls all giggling and saying things like "Wow, it's so small." They kept me there for maybe 15 minutes, just laughing and prodding my dick. The only boy there, about 10, pulled the front of his shorts down showing his dick and said "Look ! Mine is bigger than his."

I don't remember how it ended and how I got home. But from then on EVERYONE got to hear of Paul's tiny dick.

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