Monday, August 12, 2013

Internet Find: Pantsed at a Pool Party

Pantsed at a Pool Party

I was very recently at a pool party hosted by a friend of my girlfriend. I had just been for a dip in the pool and had gone to the cooler to grab a beer. I was standing there talking to a couple of girls I know when some drunken guy (whom I didn't  know) came up and said something like "Don't just talk show them what you got" as he pulled my swim shorts down and ran away laughing. Before I could pull them back up both the girl's had a very good look at my tiny, baby-sized cock and I don't know who blushed more but they had bigger grins on there faces. My girlfriend had seen what happened and thought it was very amusing as well. She told me later that both the girls had told her how surprised they were at how tiny my penis is. It is only 2" soft on a good day but after a swim it is a micro 1" at best. On this occasion it was shaven down there as well (I do that on occasion particularly in summer) so I truly would have looked baby-like.

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