Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Internet Find: People Like Pantsing at Pools

People Like Pantsing at Pools

First off, I’m sorry I didn’t fix any grammar and spelling errors in this story, but you can still read it well enough to understand it. I hope you all enjoy this one, despite the atrocious errors!

Ok, so this was way back when i was 13 or 14. i was at my friends house, and he was really popular in school, so a lot of girls hung out with him. it was mid summer, and i came over to swim and hang out. it was a little boring with just us two, so he called some girls who lived nearby (one of them was 16, the other was 12) and asked them to come. so then there were 4 of us in the pool. we were really having fun, shooting water guns and swimming and stuff, then my friend caused my ultimate humiliation- by undoing the 16 year olds top, and making it fall into the water. we were both right next to her, so she couldnt see who had done it. when she was done freaking out and had tied it back, she turned around and looked at my friend and myself. my friend, in order to save his own hide, turned and stared at me in a knowing way, as if i had done it. so then the older girl looked at me, looking a little mad. i was trying to tell her that he had done it and was climbing out of the pool, and thats when it happened. she said something, and i turned around to answer her, and my friend grabbed my trunks, and ripped them down to my ankles. both girls had been looking at me, and the 16 year old laughed at me, since i was...underdeveloped at the time..and the 12 year old was blushing, but laughing as well. i pulled them up, red as a tomato. then we all took a break for lunch. i was still pretty embarrassed when we were all eating, but that wasnt going to be the worst of it. when i was done eating, i went back down to the pool and rested a little.after a few minutes, the 2 girls came back down, and the 12 year old was texting on her phone. the 16 year old went behind me, which was where i made the mistake of letting her go behind me. the 12 year old had looked like she was texting, but she had really turned on her phones camera. i felt the yank on my shorts, and all too late i tried to stop them, but she pulled them all the way down, then held them there. then the 12 year old took the picture. then she sent it to all of her friends. a little while later, my entire school had seen me "down below". i later transferred.

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