Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Internet Find: Only Boy at the Party

Only Boy at the Party

When I was 17 my best friend was a girl called Samantha. On her 16th birthday (two weeks after my 17th) she had an 'all girls' party at her home but she felt bad for leaving me out as I was her best friend so she let me come to the party. It was just like any other small house party, music, drinks, dancing etc. As the night was nearing it's end all the girls (8 in total) changed into their pajamas and we all sat in the living room having a chat. One girl then asked why I wasn't wearing my pajamas, I told her I had none and they all agreed that I probably slept naked. They then decided that since they were wearing what they would normally wear to bed that I should do the same. I thought they were kidding but all of a sudden they all grabbed me and pulled my shirt and jeans off me. I pleaded with them to leave it at that but they were having none of it and the honors fell to the birthday girl to remove my boxers. As soon as they came down a roar of laughter came from every one of them. There were several comments such as, "I didn't know you could have one that small" and "maybe it is an all-girls party after all!" They still had me pinned down and began to take pictures of me. Eventually I admitted defeat and stopped struggling, at that point they decided I'd suffered enough and gave me back my boxers. The rest of the night consisted of jokes about the size of my willy and constant pinkie wiggling. They were gracious enough to delete the pictures but soon everyone knew about the events of that night.

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