Thursday, August 1, 2013

Internet Find: Embarrassing Penis Exposure

Embarrassing Penis Exposure

I had the worst experience a couple weeks ago. I am 16 and I, for my age, have a smaller dick - only about 3 inches soft an maybe .5 inches more when hard, but I never really thought much of it. I'm not particularly hairy anywhere especially my butt an dick area don't get me wrong I have hair its just lightish down there. But anyway, I hang with a friend a lot; we skate and hang almost every other day with his sister, who is a year younger and I love messing with her, pantsing her and stuff anytime I can. I have seen her ass before and her pussy, but anyway I really got her good this one day and pulled her spandex shorts down she wears them all the time and I loved looking at her ass so I got her from behind and pulled them down and, boom, out came her ass and she bent down to pull them up and I got a good view of her pussy that made her mad. I had kinda shoved her down too so she struggled to pull them up. I laughed and walked away, feeling victorious. 

Her and her brother are pretty close since it's just them, no other siblings, and she wanted to get me back and the plan was to pants me but now I saw what she was doing. Her brother suggested swimming and we all changed into shorts. I have no bathing suit so gym shorts would do. She put on a bikini and I thought, YES!! Pantsing her again and she was bending over a chair pretty much setting herself up. I went to get her and her brother pulled my shorts down! He grabs my arms from behind and holds me. Still, she knew exactly what she was doing. Immediately, her eyes were fixed on my dick and she said, "Aww, how cute, its so small," and scolded me for pantsing her continuously. I said sorry, but that wasn't enough. She then just barely touched it and of course an erection sprang out of nowhere and she said, "Oh darn, I was hoping it would get bigger." 

They took me outside to the pool and held me down until their mom got home. I was mortified at this point. She came home and walked out, a little angry at first, but once told why this happened, she lightened up quickly and said, "Oh, well I guess you deserve this then," staring at my butt the whole time. The sister and her mother were making jokes about how smooth and hairless I was. Her mom surprisingly said, "Flip him over, don't wanna burn that butt!" And then out came my now shriveled, scared penis and she said, "Aw, that's a shame," quickly followed by, "I wonder if your mom wants to know how you behave here." 

I begged, "No, please, I'm sorry," and all that shit but it had no effect on her. She called my mom to pick me up and she came over. Still being held down, my mom arrives and starts laughing like crazy at this situation, making jokes about my butt and how it's been so long since she had seen it. I really cried when she said I was still her "little" boy, pointing out the obvious. My friend's sister said, "I'm surprised it's so tiny," and laughed. I finally was aloud to get in the car, but without my shorts as my mom kept making dumb jokes about my size and lack of hair. I never was sooo embarrassed.


  1. I have an embarrassing small penis. Not big at all. Like 3 and a bit inches hard and no gerth. When flaccid seriously embarrisng

  2. Hate that I'm so small. Like a pencil. It's humiliating

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