Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Internet Find: Left Out To Dry

Left Out To Dry

When I was thirteen years old, I was at my house with two girls from school and our moms. We were all in the backyard getting ready to go swimming. The girls changed into their bathing suits inside while I had to change under my towel outside while all three of the moms were out there with me. I got out of my short easily and almost got my bathing suit on until my towel came undone and all the moms saw my bare bottom. They thought it was funny and adorable at the same time. I pulled them up quickly and the girls came outside.

We swam for a bit while the moms relaxed on the tanning chairs drinking and chatting. My dad had recently installed a waterslide for me that he built. I hadn't used it before so I was really excited to go. My friends told me to go and try it out first. It was pretty tall and steep so you could go fast. I got to the top and got the moms attention for the big moment of the first use of the slide. I laid on my stomach and launched down. I felt a little snag but it didn't slow me down. I thought it was super fun. I came back up and got out of the water to go a second time. The girls and the moms both had totally shocked looks. I looked back at the slide and saw my swim trunks snagged on something in the middle of the slide. It took me a couple seconds to realize that if my swim trunks were over there, then they weren't on me! I was completely naked! 

Shocked I covered up my shrunken half developed junk and blushed while the moms started laughing out loud and the girls giggled. I ran back to the slide and tried to retrieve the suit. I had no luck because it was too far to reach. I took cover behind the slide and tried to scope out my clothes or towel. Neither were anywhere to be found. I called out to my mom to get me a towel, but she told me, "your fault you didn't bring one out. Prepare better next time." I was shocked again. This wasn't the first embarrassing naked moment my mom has encountered with me but i thought she'd be kind enough to help me. I started to run for the back door of the house when my mom stopped me again saying, "you know the rules. No going in the house while wet." I could not believe her. I had the two girls I liked staring at my naked body while she just sat there laughing with the other moms. The two other moms went inside. I became hopeful thinking they would be kind enough to get me something to cover up with. Wrong again. They both came back out with cameras. They immediately started snapping photos. I wanted to jump back into the pool, but I needed to dry off in order to get inside. They got a lot of photos. 

After about ten minutes of this. The girls got out and dried off. They started whispering with the moms. My mom said to me, "I'll make you a deal. I'll give you a towel if you go around the side of the house and meet us at the front door." I said no way but she assured me that I wasn't getting anything any other way. They all went inside. I thought it over and decided. I snuck around the side and waited until there were no cars. I knocked on the door and waited. No answer. I kept knocking for five minutes until I gave up. I crouched by the door waiting. After ten minutes I stood up to stretch because I was getting sore and gave up on trying to get in. As I turned around to face the door, I saw the door open with all five of them there with cameras. My mom had a video camera. I covered up rushed the door. They shut it before I could get inside. Now they had pictures of everything. Around ten minutes and after ten cars and twelve people had gone by and seen me, they finally let me in. They have never let me live that down. They have not shown the photos to anyone as far as I know. 

The next day I told my dad he's a terrible slide builder.


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