Sunday, August 4, 2013

Internet Find: Nasty Step Mom

Nasty Step Mom

Okay, so there’s not any SPH in this story, but it does feature exposure and spanking. In the story, a teenage boy is humiliated by his step-mom, who forces him to go naked in front of his sisters and their friends, and gives him a spanking to top it all off. If that doesn't appeal to you, then don’t read it, but I personally love this one. Even though it doesn't feature any SPH, I figure that it’s the type of story most of my followers would like. Enjoy, my friends!

My dad got a divorce and married this younger woman and my sisters and I had to put up with having a step mother. She was much younger than my mom and thought she was the sexiest women in the neighborhood. She was always warning these low cut blouses with her breasts pushed up, short skirts and high heel shoes. She got my sisters to dress sexy and taught them how to put on their make up, so they got along fine with her. I guess because my sisters are 16 and 18, beauty and vanity is very important to them. As a 14 year old boy, it was no secret I hated having a step mother and she knew it. When my dad was out working, she wouldn't let me out of the house, but I would sneak out anyway to hang out with friends. One day I was taking a shower and she walked in on me, removed all the towels leaving me with nothing to get back to my room. I ran down stairs and found out she had locked my room from the inside. I went back to the bathroom and she had also locked it. She told me if I wanted to go hang out with my friends, I would have to do it with no clothes on. I've always made it a point not to let my sisters see me naked, but this bitch was embarrassing me in front of them. She told me to come down stairs and sit in the living room. I didn't want to come down, but she said if I didn't she would drag me down. My sisters were having so much fun with my situation, and said they would help her if I didn't come down. I didn't want to get humiliated by getting dragged down by three bitches, so I went and sat in the living room. She came out of the kitchen with a paddle in her hand as they all grabbed me and put me over the back of the sofa and spanked the shit out of my butt. She said that was for taking off without her permission. She made me stand with my hands on top of my head for hours, so everyone could see my red ass. That wasn't the only thing my sisters were looking at, as they were going around to check out my dick. The doorbell rang, and my sisters asked my step mother if her girlfriend could come in. She said yes, so they opened the door and told her to not mind her naked brother, he's just being punished for being a bad boy as they went by me. The bitch wanted to humiliate me as much as she could, and teach me lesson I'd never forget. Those were the most embarrassing three hours of my entire life.

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