Friday, August 16, 2013

Original Story: Embarrassing Penis Exposure, Part 3: Dinner & Game Night

Embarrassing Penis Exposure, Part 3: Dinner & Game Night

I'm sure it's no surprise that I went forward with a third part to this story. I'm not sure how many I'm going to do, but for now, enjoy the latest in the Embarrassing Penis Exposure Saga! I should warn you all, however, that this chapter gets a bit more explicit and, well, weird.

Dinner was awful. My mom made me remain naked the entire night with my sister and her friends all giggling the whole time. Her friends would often purposely drop silverware and peak under the table at my little package while pretending to pick up whatever they had dropped. When dinner was over, my mom made me go around and collect everyone's plates. I had to pick mine up with both hands, quickly exposing my penis to all of them again. My sister was sitting next to me, so I collected hers first as she just gazed at my little penis with an evil grin. I moved on quickly from her. Right as I was collecting a plate from her friend seated next to her, my sister then gave my butt a painful, stinging slap to the behind.

I winced and fell forward right into her friend. My penis actually bumped right into her bare shoulder (since she was wearing a tank top), which made everybody laugh more. The plates had bonked her in the head too, but I quickly backed up. I looked around at the laughing ladies with deep shame, but my mom just said, "Go on, collect the plates! We don't have all day!" I said nothing and just collected the girl's plate. I moved on to the next one, at the end of the table opposite from where I had been sitting. I was facing her and then felt another painful, stinging slap to the behind, causing me to fly forward into this girl. Again, my penis rubbed into her bare shoulder and they all laughed some more.

I turned around to see the first friend laughing innocently at me. I just ignored it, already humiliated enough, and grabbed the next plate. I then walked to the final friend, half-expecting another slap to the behind, but nothing happened. I collected the plate normally and then moved on to the last seat at the table. My mom, of course, looked right down at my penis, just all the other had done, and giggled a little more. Right as I was grabbing her plate, I noticed her mean little smirk and couldn't help but just look for a moment, feeling all the more ashamed. I then lost focus of my task at hand and dropped her plate, along with the others. Luckily, they were plastic, but I felt so embarrassed for being so clumsy.

My mom immediately ordered me to pick them up, but said that she would help me. She bent down to pick a few up, but right as I was about to squat down and help, I felt another painful, stinging slap to the behind and I went flying forward. Of course, my mom's face was right there and, well, my penis flew straight into that. I felt it rub against her cheek for a moment, but it quickly slid down her cheek onto her lips. It lingered on her lips for a moment and then slid down to her chin as she tried to adjust her face out of the way. Of course, the girls were laughing wildly as I was in too much utter shock to move for a moment. My mom was smirking too and couldn't hold back the laughter. She simply laughed out loud, but my penis was still at her chin and with the movement of her mouth opening as she laughed, I tripped forward a little and my penis fell inside her mouth for a moment. I felt her tongue moving as she only laughed harder at my predicament. At this point, my shock had worn off and my mom finally pulled away. I quickly backed up and saw an enormous grin on her face that made me think she had purposely prolonged my humiliation by letting my dick slide all over her face. She just stared at me, still laughing, so I quickly squatted down to pick up the plates.

"Mom, are you okay?" asked my sister, between fits of laughter.

After a moment of hesitation to catch her breath, my mom answered, "Oh yes. It was just like having an itty bitty bug fly too close to my face. Or like swallowing a tiny little fly and spitting it back out."

A roar of laughter followed and I just blushed some more, not like that even seemed possible to me at the time. My face was as red as a tomato, but somehow, each time I heard these lovely girls and my own mother make a crack about my shortcomings, it only cut deeper. Of course, I also got an erection, which only made them laugh more and joke about how I had "the hots" for my mom. I just picked up the plates as soon as I could and practically ran to the kitchen. I heard my sister yell to me as I ran in, "Maybe if you do a good job in the kitchen, mom'll suck you off all the way!" I heard them all laugh again, even my own mother.

While I was in the kitchen with the dishes, my sister had suggested we all play a game. They decided on Scattergories, so when I got back, the game was already out. Basically, it just turned into a competition for who could make the most small penis jokes or other jokes about how hairless I was. The first big one was when we had the letter S and the category was "Things that are cold." Every one of them had put "small penises," except for one girl who said "short penises." 

We played with the same card for the next round with a T, so when that category came around again, they all had very similar answers. My sister and one of her friends said "tiny penises," another friend said "tiny johnsons," another friend said "teeny tiny penises," and my mom said, "tiny wieners." We played that card one more round with an "M," and as you can guess, that category had some more interesting answers. My sister and two friends said "micropenises," another friend said "microscopic penises," and my mom said "mini penises." I tried to explain that since they were implying shrinkage, a micropenis wouldn't work as a correct answer since it was previously small before shrinkage, but they all just waved their pinkies at me and my sister said, "Shut up, you pin-dick nerd!" We played a total of twelve rounds and believe me, many, many more of these kinds of jokes came up.

When we got done with that game, we moved onto Monopoly. That went on for two hours and although there was a point when I actually started having fun, the ladies never failed to remind me about my hairless butt and small penis. At this point, they were seriously stretching to come up with anything clever - they said something about how powerful businessmen really did have tiny dicks and must shaves their asses -  but it stung a bit nonetheless. Of course, it stung more when my mom pulled me over lap and spanked me for supposedly cheating (even though they all knew I hadn't and only meant it as a joke) for about a minute. It wasn't a hard spanking, but it still stung.

When that was all over, my sister sent her friends home and they all said goodbye to me with a smack on the behind and a kiss on the cheek (yes, on my face). They walked out the door while waving their pinkies and giggling some more until my mom finally shut the door. Luckily, my mom let me go to bed after that, but the shame of it all stuck with me all night. It took me two hours to get to sleep, because I was thinking about it all so much still. I had never really thought of my penis as small before all this, but I sure knew better now. And to think, it all started just because I got a kick out of pantsing my friend's sister and checking out her ass.

The only thought that helped me sleep was the possibility that the worst might be over now. Maybe tomorrow would just be a lazy Sunday and that would be it. I was wrong though. As it turned out, the worst was yet to come.